The Lake Stories From Mrs Mighetto Have Arrived

Drumroll… Here they all are! The full cast from Mrs Mighetto’s latest poster collection.

The lake is where the dragons were born. Their rare eggs are hidden on the lakebed until one of the other creatures living in the water brings them up to the surface. Here they are cracked open using a very special and secret procedure. It is at this precise point that the dragons’ power to clean and create new water is formed. The lakeside inhabitants and dragons look after the world’s water together and together they are the guards of the lake. Their task is gigantic.

Because the lake flows into every waterway of the world, their organisation above and below the lake’s surface is both vast and demanding, while their work is under constant threat.

The Story Hunters are inquisitive. They want to document and take control of all the stories’ secrets. They are always seeking new discoveries and trying to steal secrets. They have been watching the lake for many years, ever since the time, they managed to get through the portal to the lake. They want to own the recipe for new water and take control of the powers that purify water. They also know they can make a fortune if they manage to steal the dragons’ eggs and they dream of taming the dragons so they can move quickly over the borders of the different lands.

By the lake, a guard is always on the lookout. The dark water, the waves, the ripples, the glimmer, the shadows… everything must be guarded. Everyone at the lake has heard the story of the time evil Story Hunters managed to get in and grab the treasure born at the bottom of the lake. When they managed to get away with the lake’s secret, without really understanding how much could have been lost.

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