Hej thank you for dropping by ♥

I’m Toni, a self-described Danish Londoner. Despite having lived most of my adult life in London, my Danish roots come through in almost everything I do.

Over 10 years ago, I started “Skandivis”, an online Scandinavian homestore. This was born from a desire to share the beautiful simplicity of Danish design at a time when the Scandinavian aesthetic was only beginning to gain traction. As the years passed, I enjoyed being part of the celebration of Danish design and seeing it rise to the unexpected levels it’s reached today.

But come 2022, post-Brexit and with Scandinavian homeware widley available, I felt a new challenge awaited. Having evolved my own London home over the years into a space that you’d expect in a neighbourhood in Copenhagen, I wanted to help others to do the same.

In practice this means fusing the practical with the conceptual – working across both interior design and project management. My clients come to me for a particular look and feel, one that combines quality shapes and designs with minimal colour palettes and raw materials to create the desired Danish cosiness.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, I’d love to work together.

Toni x