A Balcony Box Four Ways

I will be honest here and say that I’ve always suffered from balcony envy. I have a perfectly lovely garden in North London but somehow I still get an ache whenever I come across a gorgeous balcony. A garden somehow doesn’t have the same romantic feel, besides I do love a balcony box. I visualise myself throw open the doors in the morning and pottering about watering my plants… Anyway, this got me thinking! So when we received the Ferm…

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A Good Nights Sleep In Crisp Cool Sheets

House Babylon Excellence Selection luxury bedlinen

It’s November and it’s raining – again! That makes it hard, if not near impossible to get out from under House Babylon’s “Excellence Collection” bedsheets. The bedding is designed in London,  the cotton is handpicked and ethically sourced in Egypt and with a thread count of 600, it’s pretty much as good as it gets! House Babylon was founded out of the belief that luxury should not be elusive or exclusive. They wanted to offer a selective range of exceptionally crafted…

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Still By Form & 26 Grains At Design Junction

London Design Festival is a very hectic time in the design calendar and it was therefore lovely to spend time with fellow bloggers in the lovely tranquil  STILL restaurant. The pop-up restaurant was created by By Form the design consultancy and procurement specialists and 26 Grains for Designjunction.  Spectacular Scandinavian inspired food was served up by 26 Grains and By Form had created a harmonious space by combining the simple Danish design and a Japanese aesthetics. The restaurant was carefully curated in a collaboration…

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The Skandium Eco Townhouse LDF18

Yesterday was the start of the epic and always inspirational London Design Festival. My first stop was Skandium’s townhouse in the Brompton Design District.  The theme of the district is “material consequences” and in line with this, the townhouse has been transformed into an ECO Home. It has been fitted exclusively with products of ethical commitment, from sustainably sourced materials to responsible manufacture and corporate responsibility initiatives.  Two Danish Brands that fit this brief perfectly are Montana and Skagerak and they have together with the…

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Danish Hooks, Mirrors And Trays

I have just recently come across the Danish design brand Munk. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. Munk was founded in 2012 by Hans Peter Munk and was initially a small interior and furniture shop in Copenhagen but Hans Peter had a bigger dream. The dream of getting creatives from different backgrounds under the same roof in a shared community. He contacted friends and acquaintances in the architecture and design world and soon Munk collective was born.…

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The Lake Stories From Mrs Mighetto Have Arrived

Drumroll… Here they all are! The full cast from Mrs Mighetto’s latest poster collection: “The Lake stories” are now for sale online. The lake is where the dragons were born. Their rare eggs are hidden on the lakebed until one of the other creatures living in the water brings them up to the surface. Here they are cracked open using a very special and secret procedure. It is at this precise point that the dragons’ power to clean and create new water…

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Danish Poster By Frema

Art Prints and Poster from Skandivis

Freja Christensen is the talented artist behind the Danish poster brand By Frema. For Freja, it’s all about creating timeless prints by focusing on high-quality images and sense of story. Nature is essential to her work and her prints all have a connection to the outdoors. In order to create her work, she works with different techniques such as drying and dehydrating plants and flowers. And manages to create some beautiful photo art with a real personality all printed on…

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Danish Handcrafted Baskets For Contemporary Living

handcrafted Danish baskets

I love coming across Danish brands with an interesting story to tell.  And Lillerød is just the perfect example of a such a brand. Lillerød was first established in 1890 when the Johansson family emigrated from the south of Sweden to the small town Lillerød 40 km outside Copenhagen. They started the Lillerød basket factory, hoping to spread their love of the baskets to the good people of Denmark and to find a community in what was a small town. They succeeded at both. The factory provided…

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A Recipe For Danish Rye Bread

Baking rye bread is part of my weekly routine and my family would complain bitterly if there wasn’t to be a steady supply of my Danish loaf. It needs a bit of planning to get started but it really isn’t difficult.  The below recipe is for one loaf I usually bake four loaves so simply times the recipe by four. For the poolish (the sloppy dough you start with on day one) 75g rye sourdough starter  (if you haven’t got any…

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Geometric Shapes, By CDesign

Graphic art posters byCdesign Denmark

Today we take a peek into the home & studio of Carsten Nielsen.  Carsten is the talent behind the Danish brand By Cdesign. It is fair to say that Carsten is a designer with a fascination for geometry. This has resulted in some fine limited edition posters. He finds his inspiration in modern architecture, mathematics and organic shapes which he translates into shapes and is particularly keen on boxes. Unlike a lot of the Danish brands, Carsten does not live in…

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