A Good Night’s Sleep In Crisp Cool Sheets

House Babylon Excellence Selection luxury bedlinen

It’s November and it’s raining – again! That makes it hard, if not near impossible to get out from under House Babylon’s “Excellence Collection” bedsheets. The bedding is designed in London,  the cotton is handpicked and ethically sourced in Egypt and with a thread count of 600, it’s pretty much as good as it gets!

House Babylon was founded out of the belief that luxury should not be elusive or exclusive. They wanted to offer a selective range of exceptionally crafted products, sourced ethically but without the high price points normally associated with high-quality Egyptian cotton. This is something they managed to achieve by cutting out the middlemen and shortcutting straight to our beds. Lucky us! 

Images and words by me. The bedding was gifted by House Babylon. 

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