Come Say Hi To Nur Designs

Wood Chopping Board from Nur Design Denmark

Architect Maja Bøgh Vindbjerg is the woman behind the super cool NUR. The Danish brand is all about classic and functional design. Less is definitely more as you are about to find out…

Klippa wooden chopping board is a beauty. Made of solid oak in a thin and light design it shows the quality of the wood in every detail.

The Curve magazine holder allows magazines to become a stylish and a focus in your space.

Curve wall mounted magazine holder in black and white

NUR Pipeline candlestick is a timeless and elegant design of simple but yet so powerful graphic lines


Nur Design Denmark candle holder in white

The NUR tray is a great example of how minimalistic and timeless design can be used for lots of different purposes.

Nur Denmark black serving tray

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